Conveyancing Services

Delaney Graham are property conveyancing solicitors, and specialise in handling all aspects of the process of purchase, sale & remortgage of and transfer of title to residential property, collectively known as “conveyancing.”  

Clients’ transactions are handled exclusively by our Partners, Michael Graham & Siân Delaney, qualified residential property solicitors with over 30 years of conveyancing experience between them.

We are acutely aware that for most people these transactions are the biggest and potentially most daunting financial transactions which they undertake in their lives.  As such, our aim is to deliver a service which alleviates as much of the inevitable stress of the process and which meets the individual needs of each client.

How to offer to buy a house in Scotlandde To Conveyancing - Delaney Graham

Our view is that communication is paramount in these transactions, both with our clients and with other residential property solicitors, and we appreciate that not all clients are available between 9am & 5pm, Monday to Friday.  Whenever it is practical to do so, we like to meet our clients face to face but we are happy to communicate with clients via whatever media are most effective for them, either during or outwith office hours.

As well as dealing with private individuals in relation to properties on the open market, we have extensive experience of dealing with new-build transactions, part-exchanges, buy-to-let transactions, repossessions, auction transactions & shared equity/Help to Buy transactions.

From the stage at which an offer is submitted/accepted until the ultimate registration of the title deeds, our expertise in this often complicated area of law will give clients peace of mind that they are in the safest of hands.

How Long Will it Take?

This is the million-dollar question and one to which, unfortunately, it is not possible to give a fixed answer, especially when you are part of a chain. Every conveyancing transaction is different and every property has its own unique title.

As such, the particular circumstances will determine how long the conveyancing process will take.  There is also a human element and all parties have to agree to the terms of the transaction through their solicitors.

This is why it is vital to have experienced and knowledgeable property conveyancing solicitors dealing with your transaction to take away as much stress as possible and to be on hand should any conveyancing problems arise.

Purchasing a Property

For our clients, we understand that purchasing a new property is an emotional and monumental point in their lives. Not only do you have to find the right house, you have to think about location, schools and amenities, transport links and what is affordable. This is why having experienced residential property solicitors to capably deal with the legal side of the transaction is crucial to free you up to focus on what will make your property a home.

As your solicitors we will take your instructions and guide you on the conveyancing and legal formalities: entering into a contract; signing deeds and documents; what legal and government costs you will have to pay; and what it really means to be the registered owner of a property. However, over and above, we can help you keep focus on the end goal when you feel the process as a whole is overwhelming.

Selling a Property

When selling a property your Estate Agent will market and arrange the Home Report for you to ensure you get the best price possible. As your solicitors, it is our job to make sure from the point of the offer being accepted, that the rest all goes to plan.

We will arrange to uplift your title deeds, ordering the appropriate local authority searches and getting a settlement figure for paying off any secured loan you have over the house. We will also negotiate with the purchaser’s solicitor to work through any issues identified by them when they are doing due diligence over the deeds and documents for their own client. It is important to remember that despite the fact we are on separate sides of a conveyancing transaction that we all have a common goal. Your solicitor is also skilled at negotiation and will offer tailored advice based on the circumstances and with a primary focus of looking after your best interests at all times.